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16 Assorted Discs

The Sugarcraft Gun comes with 16 different discs to give some fantastic effects such as ropes, ribbons, basket weave, hair, grass, quilling and many more.

Large rope Large Rope
Small Rope Small Rope
Large ribbed ribbon Large Ridged Ribbon
Disk Three - Small Ridged Ribbon
12mm ribbon 12mm Ribbon
6mm ribbon 6mm Ribbon
3mm ribbon 3mm Ribbon
7mm Diameter 7mm Diameter
6mm diameter 6mm Diameter
3mm diameter 3mm Diameter
1.5mm Diameter 1.5mm Diameter
3x3+5x5mm Square Square
1mm Mesh 1mm Mesh
1.25mm Mesh 1.25mm Mesh
1.5mm Mesh 1.5mm Mesh
6mm Hexagon 6mm Hexagon

Treat yourself. . .


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